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Qual acha q fica mais natural? Qual a pele fica mais bonita?

Nars Audacious Lipstick Swatches

A outra deixa mais natural? Muito obrigada desde ja!! Adoro seu blog. Eu prefiro esta do que a All Day. Voce sabe se essa base oxida? Dessa base Nars me indicaram a Siberia light 1 , mas acho que vou pegar a Gobi. You Might Also Like O que muda na maquiagem dos 20 para a make dos 40 fevereiro 5, Testando Blush Cheek Pop da Clinique julho 31, Joana Teixeira junho 22, at pm O acabamento ficou perfeito : adorei. Base boa essa. Cinthia Ferreira junho 23, at am Olha, a Naked acho um pouco mais. Lucia junho 23, at am Estou sem base, uma venceu, a outra acabou.

Luciana julho 4, at pm Oi, Cinthia! A base deixa a pele linda mesmo. Giulia outubro 15, at pm Eu tenho a lingerie de peau esta no finalzinho, e to mt em duvida dessa ou d comorar a lingerie de novo que sou apaixonada, acho que essa para festa fica melhor??

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Moisturize with an oil-free, non-comedogenic body lotion and apply salicylic spot treatment on pimples. Swipe on an ample dose of edge and elegance from the newest beauty essential from EB Advance. Swipe a luminizing highlighter on top of the actual collarbone itself. Shade this indentation. Lift one knee to your side and shade the definition on the inside of inner thigh. One NightTan,P1, Calves Elex calves and shade the indentation under the calf muscle in the back of your leg.

Apply highlighter down the center line of thighs and shins to give the illusion of length. Shoulders Tanned shoulders instantly look more toned. Apply bronzerto shoulders in a circular motion, as though you are applying lotion. Arms Clench your fist and extend a straight arm backwards.

Resenha | Base Sheer Glow Foundation da Nars

Trace over the natural definition in the back of tricep with bronzer. Elex bicep and trace below the natural half-moon shaped indentation with bronzer. Swipe bronzer down the center line of your spine from the neck to the lower back and blend. Butt Lift your derriere in seconds by bronzing underneath and around to the outside of butt, making a half-circle shape.

Add highlighter to the top and center of cheeks. Decolletage Perk up pups by bronzing inside, below and outside the breasts in a C-shape. Create instant lift by highlighting the fleshy, inner tops of cleavage. Abs Draw a Straight line down the center of stomach from ribcage to belly button and blend.

Trace obligues vertical lines on either side of your belly button by creating a parenthesis shape. I atmosphere.

NARS Anita, Audrey, Olivia Audacious Lipstick Review, Swatch, FOTD

Find out which hair removal method best suits your needs. They contain chemicais that break down foiiicies,so hairiseasiiy removed when cream is wiped away. Vfeetl A siight tingiing sensation is normai when the iotion is at work, hut if ieft on too iong or if skin is sensitive , it can hum. Do not ieave the product on for more than the desig- nated amount of time.

Full text of "Cosmopolitan March PH"

Ifyoufeei stinging, remove cream and run under cooiwaterfor 20 minutes. Appiy a thin iayer of antibiotic ointment and refrain from using soap tiii the burn goes away. Exfoiiate reaiiy weii the morning ofyour appointment to shed dead skin and iift trapped hairs. Popping a pain kiiier thirty minutes before your appointment can aiso heip to reiieve pain. After your wax, soothe redness and irritation With aioe iotion.

Do NOT consume aicohoi pre-wax, as it oniy tightens the pores, causing more pain. Beams of f iitered iight disintegrate hair at the root, deiaying growth as weii as iightening pigmentation and reducing ingrown hairs, it works on aii skin tones and hair shades. Aithough these sessions are pricey, the resuits are worth it.

Youwiii need about sixsessions fourweeks apart with one to two touch- ups per year. Another big downside: razor burn, ingrown hairs, and nicks. Useabiadewith moisturizing strips and repiace after five shaves. Choose a shaving gei over foam— geis aiiow razors to better giide across skin with minimai cuts. Exfoiiating reguiariy and mois- turizing after shaving can aiso heip reduce ingrown hairs, if you've deveioped any unsightiy bumps, appiy after-shaving products geared toward treat- ing ingrown hairs.

R8 guOMi. CwH wwiCafTy, Urwnarl; iyr. Ctytny f oodaraina. Read on to stay safe this summer. Body We maybe good at slathering on sunscreen when at the beach, but what about on a daily basis?

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Our bodies are exposed to UV rays even when we are inside our home during the daytime. Make moisturizing with an SPF body lotion part of your daiiy routine. Think premature aging oniy happens to skin? Believe it or not, our hair ages just the same! Hair-care products with UV filters are important when outdoors to protect locks from protein loss.

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  • Spritz hair with sun protectant and wrap into a bun to keep from being exposed. Scalp We never think our scalps need SPF but they are just as prone to burning and skin cancer as much as the rest of our body. Areas on your scalp that are exposed, such as your part or hairline, are prone to sunburn. Weightless Oil, P With all these great products out there, you have no excuse not to! But shouid you be wearing a different type than on your body? Find a sunscreen that addresses the specific needs of your skin type. Instead look for sunscreens that contain hydrating ingredients like aloe or glycerine.

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    Lips Ups are another body part we tend to forget when covering up at the beach. The skin on our lips is naturally thin and can lose its elasticity over time if not protected. Not to mention how dry and chapped they can get from being in the sun all day. Use a lip balm containing SPF daily, even on cloudy days and reapply every few hours like you would with sunscreen. Nails Did you know that even the skin under your nails can burn and cause those vertical ridges that take months to grow out? Frequent sun exposure can make nails brittle, dry, and even turn them yellow. Nails are made of protein, just like skin, and overexposure to UV rays can lead to the degradation of protein keratin which keep nails strong and healthy. Soothe burns with a nourishing, moisturizing remedy like aloe. Jean Marquez of The Skin Specialist says In addition, the active ingredients in sunscreen break it down overtime.