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  4. You can now install Windows 95 on Windows, Linux and Mac
  5. Running Windows 95 on a modern Mac is incredibly simple, here’s how:

DESQview [wikipedia.

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Several colleagues and I used it in much the same way as your two devs, with Brief [wikipedia. Their system involved a swap that might take There was a time when we appreciated a pause here and there. Time for a coffee or bathroom break. Today we drink K-Cups that take 30 seconds to brew, suck a few times on our vape cigarette and we're back to work much too soon.

It's less than 10MB on my phone. It's amazing how small Facebook can be when you strip the animations, video playback, streaming, gaming, marketplace, and all that other completely worthless shit out of it. I'm both heavy and advanced Facebook user and it's enough for me. Seriously you get the "full" Facebook experience without the shit in the normal app. Want to know something funny? See something like Google Maps or other web-apps? They should be capable of running on a Winera machine easily. Want to know why they don't? Because Google developers are trash-tier developers that wrap their code in deeply-nested enclosures for no sane reason.

Want to know what's the worst thing to do in JavaScript? Wrapping functions in deeply-nested enclosures.

Windows 95 - Windows 95 app that runs on macOS, Windows, and Linux | Product Hunt

I know this as a fact because I used to be able to use Google Maps on an old netbook. Now I can't. The newer update that came out a few years back is horribly optimized. It lags like ass. Street View is impossible to use. It runs at sub-1FPS. It never used to. Likewise, so does Youtube. The mobile player works perfectly fine, but the full media player is insanely slow, even when it is playing p video.

I don't know who wrote that shit, but they should be fired. I can run Youtube streams over Hooktube better than I can on Youtube. More evidence to the point that their sites coders are shit. The funniest thing is Google Maps developers said the site now looks better. Does it fuck. It's a pixelated mess! All the imagery is noisy as fuck when you zoom in now. Still, give credit where credit is due, at least it actually contains more up-to-date imagery now! They got off their ass and bought new imagery that almost every other mapping site has had for 5 years. Deep inheritance and deep enclosure chains are the worst thing in ANY language, actually.

It doesn't matter what you use. Even with JavaScript and its prototype model, it still suffers horribly from it. Even with all the great optimizations that have happened over the years with JIT'd JS, it still can't do this well. It's a horrible meme I wish would die.

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If you own a business, ban developers from using it. It's horrible. It's the worst thing to happen to software development.

Not only that, it takes so much longer to develop because it's a pain in the ass trying to keep track of what the fuck does what. The only excuse is if you are using complex dimensions like that required in physics, machine learning, etc. But there are better ways. Some people call this "progress", I call it retard developers that shouldn't be in the industry in the first place because software development has been artificially inflated with shit job roles thanks to the UML-kiddie generation of programmers.

Not only that, it has been flooded by developers who have, at most, a summer-courses worth of experience with software development. India is infamous for this. It shits out low-quality developers like this. Making your code worse is not progress! Our Tech isn't degrading. Windows 95, Crashed on the slightest off glance, memory thrashing, memory leaks or buffer overflow can take control of your system, but you didn't even need to do that level of attack because in order to operate it properly you needed to run Windows 95 as Admin otherwise most applications and external hardware will not work.

NT was much larger and better designed to handle many of the stability problems, but it was expensive and took a lot of space and needed more advanced computers. Enhanced memory, protection, better networking stacks, driver modules that can offer hardware support under tighter restrictions. GPU even cheap ones are very powerful. This means design priorities have shifted, this may make some bloat but also to allow things that required a lot of custom low level programming during the Windows 95 days.

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  • Windows 95 app that runs on macOS, Windows, and Linux;
  • Windows 95 - Windows 95 app that runs on macOS, Windows, and Linux | Product Hunt.
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  • I am not saying there hasn't been any useless bloat because they could get away with it. But there is a lot of internal stuff that is needed to make things better. With room for a custom autoexec. COM files and just replaced the binary and wrote it on top of the memory to be executed. EXE files. You're being much too generous. You didn't "need to run Windows 95 as Admin", there was no access control in the system at all for running applications.

    The closest you got to access control was that you could set a password on network shares. The login process only switched you to your own profile. People who complain about modern operating systems really don't know how bad things were back in the day. I haven't had my computer crash on me in over a year.

    I don't recall DOS ever crashing, but that had a whole lot. That's an interesting point, I don't think I remember either just being on a command prompt and having the computer crash.

    How To Run Almost Any Windows Game On Your Mac Without Boot Camp Or Parallels Using Wine [Feature]

    Applications would crash, and might require a reboot, but I don't recall DOS itself ever going down in flames. I had it crashed often with a bad floppy was inserted, or a poorly made TSR was in play.

    Sometimes it would crash if I held down a key for too long, as the keyboard repeat action was faster then what the computer could handle. However those who didn't have hard disks at the time.

    You can now install Windows 95 on Windows, Linux and Mac

    Often when running a program after quitting out you will "Insert a disk with command. That said, windows would normally run fine just as long as you don't run any applicati.

    That's a bit like saying you've never seen a bicycle blow a head gasket whereas cars do. On a stock DOS install there was very little there to crash. You didn't have layers of drivers constantly in use, dozens of background processes, constant drive and network accesses, etc etc.

    You might have a sound driver that spent most of its time idle, maybe a mouse driver, and if you were super-fancy a network driver, but that was about it. Windows 10 has so much drift to support the touch interface. You have two different places to configure the system, and different rules, between Settings and Control Panel.

    It has two independent web browsers. Code to support a ridiculous number of options on how to display file icons in the Explorer view. These are just a few examples of the unnecessary bloat.

    Running Windows 95 on a modern Mac is incredibly simple, here’s how:

    If the unused garbage were thrown out, Windows 10 could be lean and mean. ReactOS is architecturally similar, based on Vista, but it's lighter and al. Almost is the key problem. Often a lot of space and resources.